Poplar Seedlings

Poplar Seedlings

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Poplar seedlings/saplings

Name: poplar
var.: euro-american poplar
branch/type: i214
var. specs: fast growing, straight stem, resistant to diseases
height of saplings: 3m (I class); 2-3m (II class)
uses: reforestration, new forests, timber production
production time: 10-12 months


Poplar (Populus) is a species of fast growing trees. Poplar likes places with good level of moisture and has comparatively soft timber. The leaves of the tree are oval, runcinate and have sharp points. They are caught to the branches with long flat stem. Trees can reach height of about 25m and have wide head.


- Manufacturing - plantations for pulpwood, manufature of paper, It is also sold as inexpensive hardwood timber, used for pallets and cheap plywood; more specialised uses include matches and the boxes in which camembert cheese is sold, Poplar wood is also widely used in the snowboard industry for the snowboard core, because it has exceptional flexibility, and is sometimes used in the bodies of electric guitars and drums, Due to its high tannic acid content, the bark has been used in Europe for tanning leather.

- Energy - There is interest in using poplar as an energy crop for biomass or biofuel, in energy forestry systems, particularly in light of its high energy-in / energy-out ratio, large carbon mitigation potential and fast growth.

- Other - Art, Land Management, Agriculture etc.